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Monitoring the stress and temperature in welded rails

When Continuous Welded Rails are installed, they are tensioned by stretching to a calculated length which is equivalent to the length obtained from a pre-determined rise in temperature.

Trackload :
Condition monitoring of continious welded rails, involving the measurment and recorning of temperature, SFT (RNT) and stress

The Trackload system is designed to measure (and log) the stress in and the temperature of rail and thence calculate the stress free temperature (SFT, temperature at which the stress in the rail goes to zero) also known as rail neutral temperature (RNT). Condition monitoring of welded rails is an essential feature of high speed passenger and heavy freight rail systems, so that the integrity of the rail is maintained to provide safe operating conditions at all times.

It supports up to 4 stress sensors (connected to channels 1 to 4), and 4 temperature sensors (connected to channels 5 to 8), and battery voltage is also displayed. Stress free temperature is calculated from the loads and temperatures according to the rail factor (nominally in tonnes/degrees C), which may be set by the user. To read more about Trackload click here.

Axload :
Railway axle weight measurement system and gross train weight

The Axload system is designed by Rail Technology Ltd to measure the load a railway wheel exerts on a railway track, and hence determine the axle weight. It does this by the use of rail stress sensors which measure shear stress, when inserted into an 8mm hole drilled on the neutral axis of the rail. Two sensors are fitted for each measurement channel, one at either end of a sleeper bay (arranged to give opposite sense outputs). To read more about Rail Technology - Axload click here.


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